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History of the Choir

The Choir of Saint Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral has been led by several wonderfully talented and musical individuals including the following:

  • Kyrill Andreev (founder of the choir)
  • George Kalfov (1965-1992)
  • Reader Aleksandr Eppler (1992-2005)
  • Katya Vargataya (2005-2010)
  • Gregory Kotar (current choir director)

A Russian Orthodox choir is an essential part of the divine services. The choir is composed of four voices: soprano, alto, tenor and bass.  Our choir sings a varied repertoire of traditional Russian Orthodox music: from Znammeny based chant to Bortniansky to Chesnokov to more modern composers such as Konstantinov. 

The members of the choir volunteer their time to attend rehearsals and sing services. The choir is always seeking musically inclined individuals who desire to multiple their talents.  If you are interested in singing, please contact our current choir director, Gregory Kotar at 206-661-5186.