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To baptize a child, the following criteria must be met:

  • The parents must be or become members of the parish (see Application for Parish Membership).
  • The parents and godparents must carefully listen to the series of conversations (column to the right) about the Orthodox Faith.
  • The parents and godparents must meet with the priest.
  • The parents and godparents must take communion within the last year preceding the baptism.
  • If the parents and godparents have not taken communion in the last year, they must partake in the sacraments of confession and communion before the baptism.
  • The parents must complete the Petition for Baptism form.

For the baptism, a small Orthodox cross and baptismal shirt are required. Orthodox crosses are available for purchase at our kiosk in the parish hall.  In addition to the cross and shirt, please bring the following on the day of the baptism:

  • A towel and blanket for young children
  • A towel, bathrobe and bathing suit for older children and adults
  • A completed Petition for Baptism form

Please refer to the Services page for information on all other Services of Needs.